Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Grandpa sent some pics of JA when she was the same age JL is now.

10 months

JL will be 10 months this weekend! We'll be busy visiting family & celebrating JT's birthday, so I'm posting a little early.

She pulls up to standing now.

We have stuck with Duplo Legos, so they'r safe for everyone, except when you step on them. :)

Trying to escape the playpen

She kept pulling down books from the shelf that was here, so we replaced it and moved in her things.

She's put her finger to her mouth frequently lately.

Walking along the outside of the playpen

This whole "cruising" thing is quite new; just in the last week or so. In fact, the older 3 are still surprised when they see her standing. :) Other new things this month: she wants to feed herself, and has begun with baby puffs, "Baby Mum Mum's", crushed rice Chex, rice, and steamed zucchini. Rice noodles & sweet potato didn't go over well, as they are difficult to pick up. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

9 months!

Last month I filled you in a bit on JL and our journey to combat reflux. Well, she has gained 2 pounds in the past 2 months! That's after 2 months of no weight gain whatsoever. Her reflux has reduced significantly, to the point that she was able to stop her medications 3 weeks ago, and now only spits up a few times per week. She is such a happy baby now, crying only for diaper changes or when she wakes up at night. It truly is a dramatic change. I am so very thankful to God for these answered prayers and his care for this precious little one.

Highlights from the past month: she's eating more solid foods, began to army crawl, move to a seated position, crawl on hands & knees, pulled to standing, and got her 1st tooth.

JA inroducing JL to "Julia" with JMC and "Rana Verde" helping.

JL searching through her toy box.

She wasn't to sure about the small pieces of peach, but once mixed in to the pureed peach baby food, she loved it.

The kids got out the Weebles for JL to play with. She loved them!

The 1st time she pulled up to standing.

Friday, February 21, 2014

everyone else

Things around here don't really revolve completely around JL, it just seems that way. Here are some updates on the rest of the family.

Removing (paper) seeds from a cotton ball while studying Eli Whitney.

They built a cabin with rooms and wanted to sleep there through the night. It lasted about 45  minutes and then they were happy to go back to their own beds. :)

JA learned how to make spring rolls

and rellenitos.

Like many parts of the country, we have had a unusually cold, snowy, winter.

Dinnertime pictures, just because.

And then Papi & JA started acting up. :)

My audience for "On the Banks of Plum Creek."