Monday, August 4, 2014

This and That

JMC has been really excited about beginning preK, so much so, that we began a few weeks early. He now knows the vowels and their sounds. We'll begin adding in the consonants later this week.

uva, uva, u, u, u

JA and JT wanted to hold a craft sale. I asked what they would do with the money, and without skipping a beat, simultaneously said, "give it the the K family for E." E is a friend of theirs going through various treatments and therapies, and we've been praying for him and his family for several months now. JA made little bags, balls, and bracelets of crochet, and also some beaded bracelets. JT made paper airplanes and origami animals. We held the sale 2 different mornings, and they made $7.

JT crochets, too!
 First day of school! We begin early, with only a few subjects, adding more each week. This week, we began with Bible, Language Arts, and math. Soon, we'll add in geography, science, art, and music.

Buscando a Lincoln - part 2

As part of our study of Abraham Lincoln, I wanted to take the kids to Lincoln's New Salem. We had tried to go in April, but the risk of rain was too high, so we postponed our visit. (I didn't want to drive nearly 2 hours, only to be rained out!) Then, in June, the family we were going to go with was out of town. Finally, in July, we made it! We ended up going with Tia D and primo A, and had a blast!

A carried around a roly poly for most of the afternoon, and even named it Eddie. 

In school. The school master did a small lesson, and teased me for not being available for lessons since I was busy.      (JL was nursing)

The kids each received their own copybook from the school master.

This little girl was extremely patient the entire day, and then slept the whole way home.

JA really enjoyed this field trip. She read all of the signs, and wanted to explore every bit of the village. We'll have to go back again when her siblings are a bit older and an last for a longer day. It's a good thing we'll study American History in more detail in a few years!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

4 = fishing

In our family, turning 4 years old is a really big deal because that is when you are old enough to learn how to fish. Fishing is something fun to do with Papi, and if you get really good at it, you can even catch dinner like JA did when we went camping. JT gave his old fishing pole to JMC for his birthday, and JMC has been patiently waiting for his first opportunity to use it. Well, this past weekend, Papi woke him up early, and off they went. It rained off and on, even with a couple of thunderstorms, and they stood under a shelter for awhile, but he still came back beaming and talking up a storm about how much fun he had. Because he knows me so well, Papi even charged up the camera and took it along. :)

His 1st fish! (and a mouthful of Swedish Fish candy!)

2nd fish

He looks so big in this picture!

It's difficult to tell, but this is when the rain began picking up. 

JMC ended up catching 3 fish altogether. When they came home, they were absolutely soaked through due to the heavy rain.

Friday, July 11, 2014

4th of July

We visited Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle A. for the 4th of July, and were surprised with a visit from Uncle B. as well. The town Mami grew up in was having its annual celebration, so we spent an afternoon there, playing in the park, listening to a band, eating tacos, and walking through the carnival.

Skeeball was the least expensive carnival game, so we gave it a try.

JMC was letting the water droplets land on his head.

JA received a manicure by a young girl who's youth group is raising money for a mission trip
 We were able to visit Great Grandma R. Everyone seemed happy that we visited.
Grandma, Grandma R., Uncle B., and the kids.
 We spent an afternoon at Lake Michigan as well. It was so relaxing to have a picnic and then walk along the beach. Unfortunately, all of the bathrooms along the beach walkway were closed. :(